Daley Blind believes that Manchester United do not play boring

The 25 year old Manchester United player Daley Blind has a contracting point of view concerning the playing style that his team has been displaying in recent times. Manchester United has not been scoring goals on a consistent basis, their defence has also been struggling but they still manage to stay in the top 5 spots of the Premier League and this is exactly what has been happening with Manchester United since the previous season.

Chelsea are the current champions of the Premier League but despite lifting the English title, they are regularly being critiqued for having an extremely defensive playing style which is usually called as: ‘’Parking the bus’’

Manchester United does not have that same defensive style of play but they do have something which is just stale and lackluster, however, according to Daley Blind it’s not a boring playing style.

The Dutch player Daley Blind voiced his thoughts concerning the current style of play of his team as he said: “We are playing really compact now and that’s something he Van Gaal demands. One of his strengths is that we are always strong in defence and that he always knows the opponents well. There are never any surprises against us because we are so well prepared’’

“I think it is unfair to say the team is boring, we want to play attacking football and I think everyone can see that. We defend very well and we create a lot of chances when we attack, we just need to score more goals but the goals will come.”

Despite the recent struggles in scoring goals that Manchester United has been experiencing, Daley Blind still remains optimistic that his team will be able bounce back. The captain of the team, Wayne Rooney needs his spark back in order for Manchester United to truly kickoff the 2015-16 season of the Premier League.