Most Underrated Manchester Player: Park Ji Sung

Park Ji-sung, South Korean professional footballer was one of the most underrated players to play in the jersey of Manchester United. Born in Goheung, Park is one of the greatest footballers of Asia and surely the best player from South Korea till now. Before diving into why he is the most underrated player of Manchester United, you must be aware of his career stats. Manchester United’s midfielder had scored 19 goals in 134 matches for his club.

Park Ji sung also appeared in 100 matches for his national team and scored 13 goals. Despite these number games, there are many worth mentioning aspects of the unsung hero of Manchester United. As a football fan, there are very limited things to crave for. They don’t want too much from players except for their strong desire and commitment to the game. As a fan, you only count the effort put in by the player, keeping aside the results. Win, lose or draw doesn’t matter as long as the players are ready to perform exceeding their abilities.