A 4th spot placing could’ve saved the season for United, says Ji Sung-Park

Ji Sung-Park believes that if Manchester United had been able to rescue their season if they had been able to seal the 4th place spot in the Premier League however, unfortunately for Louis van Gaal and his players, they were not able to do it as the 2015-16 season of the Premier League has reached it’s end and Manchester United had to settle with the 6th position.

The South Korean retired footballer stated that it would be a disappointing season for Manchester United if they failed to snatch the 4th spot which is what happened with the English outfit.

Ji Sung-Park spent over 5 years performing for Manchester United and after retiring on May of 2014, the South Korean football figure went on to become the club ambassador.

“We (Manchester United) are just two points behind, and we have a game in hand. That is motivation enough for the players because they know how important it to play in the Champions League is. Without it, it would be quite depressing for the players. They need something, some achievement as professional footballers.” Manchester United’s club ambassador, Ji Sung-Park said a few weeks ago as he stated that anything less than 4th would be a huge blow for Manchester United.

6th place in the Premier League means that Manchester United will not be competing in either the Champions League or the Europa League for the upcoming season, however, they still have a chance of participating in the European competition if Louis van Gaal and his squad are able to win the FA Cup in the finals which is scheduled to take place on May 21 as Manchester United faces off with Crystal Palace.

If Manchester United are able to win the FA Cup and defeat Crystal Palace, it won’t be a totally disappointing campaign according to Ji Sung-Park.