Park Ji Sung Said That Pogba The “Star Player” Was Famous Even When He Was In The Academy Of Manchester United

The ex-international of South Korea says that examination on the record signing is definitely inevitable but it is also possible that he can come back to form and Paul Pogba needs to learn to deal for being blamed for the shortcomings of Manchester United but he can definitely emerge from a very tough start to his 2nd spell at the club of Old Trafford, as per the Park Ji Sung.

The winner of World Cup made a comeback to the club for about $113m in the season of summer of the year 2016 from the club of Juventus, but he is yet to start to repay that same fee. The relationship of Pogba with Jose has been the main narrative of his 2nd coming before the sacking of Portuguese coach earlier in this month.

Son Heung-Min To Reach The Level Of Park Ji-Sung Yet?

After the success of star Son Heung-min, Korean football fans raised the question: has the player reached the level of Park Ji-Sung yet? September marked a milestone in the career of “Sonaldo”. The 26-year-old led the way to the ASIAD 2018 gold medal. This achievement was enough to spur the South Koreans from compulsory military service under the law in their hometown.

“Sonaldo” was successful with his career. Before the Olympic Games, Tottenham’s striker did not score goals, but expressed the character of a leader, the architect who built the game for the Korean Olympic Games. The seal of Son Heung-min made clear on the attacking front. He has more than two key-pass passes, of which two South Korean Olympic goals have been marked “Sonaldo.” No 7, Korea’s national team is not sure to find the goals to beat the Japanese Olympic fought high spirits throughout the two unions.

North Korea Qualify for Asian Cup 2019 with win over Hong Kong

North Korea were able to reach the Asian cup 2019 for a third consecutive occasion after managing to overcome Hong Kong 2-0 in the latest match. North Korea have been quite successful when it comes to reaching the Asian Cup finals and they have been able to keep the tradition going due to the win over Hong Kong. Jong Il-Gwan came up with the first goal after just 20 minutes.

North Korea could not imagined a better start since Pak Kwang-Ryong doubled the advantage after four minutes. This provided North Korea with a huge advantage going into the break and they managed to prevent any kind of a comeback from the away team.

This happens to be the first win for North Korea in four competitive matches. It also comes at a crucial time for manager Jorn Andersen, who will be leaving his role as the national team manager. He has been in charge of the team since 2016.

This is a great sendoff for the Norwegian. North Korea will be hoping to improve on the performances under the Norwegian under any new manager. Apart from witnessing a regular stream of success for North Korea in the Asian Cup, fans also get to witness Philippines and Yemen reaching the tournament for the first time. Philippines were able to get a win over Tajikistan, while Yemen put being the concerns about the disappointing spell for the last few months. Yemen were able to claim a crucial 2-1 win over Nepal.

Abdulwasea Al Matari had provided an early lead for Yemen, but the hopes of qualification were dashed when Shrestha equalised just before half-time. However, Yemen had the last laugh in the game asAbdulwasea Al Matari provided a late winner to help secure three points for the team. North Korea do not have any matches lined up as of now.