Ji Sung-Park thinks that Memphis Depay can become the new C.Ronaldo

Manchester United spent €25 million in signing Memphis Depay from PSV Eindhoven and even though the Dutch winger is only 21 years old, Ji Sung-Park believes that the recent signing can become the new Cristiano Ronaldo.

Former Manchester United player said: “It’s definitely not easy to become like Ronaldo and not anyone can do it. But I think he has the potential and is always working hard.I think United are the best team to make him a better player.He will need some time but Louis van Gaal and Daley Blind will help him adapt. He has the passion to be the best player and always wanted to play on a big stage. He should be ready to enjoy his challenge at Old Trafford.”

In order for Ji Sung-Park’s hopes and predictions of Memphis Depay becoming the new C.Ronaldo, the Dutch player will first have to overcome a curse which seems to have been going around involving the Manchester United players who were given the number 26 shirt.

A few days ago it was announced that Memphis Depay was going to be wearing the number 26 shirt but taking into consideration how things have been going for the previous players who wore this jersey, it might not have been a good thing for the Dutch player.

Gabriel Obertan was one of the players who worse the number 26 jersey and he didn’t go through a very memorable period of time in Old Trafford as he only made 14 appearances in 2 seasons as he struggled with injuries and just wasn’t the most impressive player on the pitch in the few instances when he did play.

Shinji Kagawa was another one of the former Manchester United players that wore the number 26 but in this case, the Japanese player did enjoy a fairly season compared to Gabriel Obertan but one of the things that both Kagawa and Obertan have in common is the fact that they both sustained injuries which kept them out of the playing grounds for a significantly long period of time as Kagawa had to miss out from 2 months of action due to injury.

Memphis Depay will be wearing the 26 shirt for the pre-season tour of Manchester United but there is a possibility that it will be changed when the season officially kicks off as Luke Shaw was given the number 28 to play in the United States but he was later given the number 3.