Son Heung-Min To Reach The Level Of Park Ji-Sung Yet?

After the success of star Son Heung-min, Korean football fans raised the question: has the player reached the level of Park Ji-Sung yet? September marked a milestone in the career of “Sonaldo”. The 26-year-old led the way to the ASIAD 2018 gold medal. This achievement was enough to spur the South Koreans from compulsory military service under the law in their hometown.

“Sonaldo” was successful with his career. Before the Olympic Games, Tottenham’s striker did not score goals, but expressed the character of a leader, the architect who built the game for the Korean Olympic Games. The seal of Son Heung-min made clear on the attacking front. He has more than two key-pass passes, of which two South Korean Olympic goals have been marked “Sonaldo.” No 7, Korea’s national team is not sure to find the goals to beat the Japanese Olympic fought high spirits throughout the two unions.

What is “Sonaldo” shown at ASIAD 2018 simply too excellent. He plays the leading role to lead the team to victory. After Park Ji-Sung, Korean football now sees a talented, charismatic and promising star. “Sonaldo” is clearly on the path of Park Ji-Sung’s success.

At this point, Son Heung-min reaches the rank as Park Ji-Sung or not. He said yes, he said no. The best answer is in each person’s point of view. Reported to Zing.vn, journalist Roy Ghim commented that Son Heung-min is now lacking titles to match the man.

“Actually, two years ago, when compared to the number of goals scored in the Premier League, Son Heung-min overtook Park Ji-Sung.” In seven seasons with MU, Park Ji-Sung scored 27 goals in all competitions. And after finishing the 2016/17 season, Son Heung-min scored 29 goals, “wrote the media.