The manager of Queens Park Rangers, Harry Redknapp, has said that he is going to be strict in the next season and will not tolerate any misbehaving act in the changing room.

QPR has been relegated from the Premier League this season, but, the owners have decided to retain Redknapp as the manager.

There have been a lot of reports recently about the indifferent behaviour of QPR players in the ongoing season. It has also been said that the manager was not strict enough in his approach.

Now, the QPR boss has made it clear what his approach is going to be in the next season.

Redknapp said, “You don’t want disputes in the changing room. You want everybody to be in a good frame of mind. Only then, you can get the results going in your favour.”

“You don’t want such characters in the group who misbehave. If anyone is doing that, no matter how big a player he is, he will have to face the consequences. Our focus is to build a good environment in the changing room in the next season.”

Also, Redknapp looked upset about players using their Twitter accounts too much. A couple of days back, Stephane Mbia sent a tweet to Joey Barton telling him that he wanted to leave QPR and join a club in France.

When asked about that, Redknapp said, “It’s completely senseless. The time that they spend using their Twitter accounts, if they spend that much more time in practicing, they can be better players.”

“Things won’t be like this here in the next season. There will be a lot of changes as far as discipline is concerned. The players will have to show full dedication in training sessions, in games, everywhere.”